(SCOPE)Application for Field Workshop【AY2020 TermⅡ(Spring)】


As of September 24, 2020

◆Schedule of Field Workshop

[Application Deadline]

23:59(JST) Thursday, October 1, 2020

[How to Apply]

Please read the “Field Workshop Proposal” carefully, and submit the “Application for Field Workshop” to the SCOPE office <pess★hosei.ac.jp> by email. *Please replace ★ with @ when sending an email.

[Announcement of Result]

We will send an email on October 5 to those who applied.


◆Field Workshop Proposal

Please see the attached file; 2020Field Workshop Proposal (Prof. Fujikura & Prof. Saeki)



・We prohibit cancelling after you get permission of participation to avoid making cooperating institutions in trouble and/or preventing other students’ opportunities to be chosen.

・Course registration for the Term Ⅱ courses will be done in the 2021 spring semester.


– (FW)Application_for_Field_Workshop

-2020Field Workshop Proposal(Prof.Fujikura&Prof.Saeki)

If you have any questions, please contact GBP/SCOPE Office.