【GBP】Guidance Materials for New Students “updated”


<Update History>

September 16    Global Open Courses 2020_Application Guide& List is updated.

As of September 16, 2020

Dear GBP new students,

Please check the guidance materials as follows;

1_0904_To Do List

2_0903_Updated schedule for Fall 2020 GBP new students

3_0902_GBP‗SCOPE_IGESS Student Handbook 2020 Fall – 2021 Spring

4_0904_Student Guide_Online Bulletin Board

5_LMS_Students Guidebook

6_How to Use Online Database of the Library by VPN Connection

7_2020S_GBP SCOPE IGESS Web Class Registration Guide

8_2020 Fall GBP Timetable updated on 0901

9_Global Open Courses 2020_Application Guide& List

*Please refer to the Global Education Center website. *Please find “English.Ver”.

10_0827_2020Fall_JLP Timetable & Course Guide

11_Notes on Health Examination for Enrolled Students (Fall semester)